Asking why on an ARC site?

I was wondering if any of you who use ARC sites have ever asked why?


I was recently declined by Penguin for a book and decided to email them back about it. Because of an error thing I couldn’t email them. So I requested again (because it’s Edelweiss and you can do that) and ask why. Waiting to hear back from them. Wondering if they will answer and if I will have soured the relationship.


I did go through my declined and approved list and Penguin doesn’t seem to like me anyway but it’s a book I really want!


What do you think? Should I have left it alone? Should I keep asking? Should I ask what to do to improve my chances? Comment below.


19 thoughts on “Asking why on an ARC site?

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone else asking why they were declined, but I know people definitely do repeat requests on Edelweiss and sometimes get the book on their second, third, or even fourth try. On Netgalley it’s easy to see each publisher’s criteria for approval (if they’ve listed any) so I have a much higher approval ratio there and a much better chance to begin with, but since I don’t think Edelweiss has something similar, as long as you were polite about it I don’t think it hurts to ask!

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