Reading in another language

For the past few years and most of my life actually, I have been trying to learn another language. I am currently studying French, Japanese and Korean.


I wish to learn French as I was in French Immersion as a child and wish to get those language skills back to the level they were 15 years ago.


I wish to learn Japanese because I love manga and sometimes hate to wait for the translations. I took a Japanese class in High School but only got to the Hirigana and Katakana which I mostly still remember. Need to work on my Kanji.


Korean I mostly want to learn because of the Hallyu wave. So many shows I love to watch are in Korean and like with manga I am impatient for translations. So I don’t really need to read Korean as much as understand it when spoken.


I’m using various sources to learn this. I have recently found that Netgalley has a French site and a Japanese site. No Korean site sadly. So I am getting read now baby books from there. Mostly French as the Japanese site doesn’t have ‘baby’ books.


I also use Duolingo but want some help being accountable. So I made this blog.


I’m also just curious how many of you can read in another language. Comment below!