State of the ARC: 2018

I joined my first ARC site (Netgalley) in Feb of this year and while it has not been a great success one of my goals in 2019 is to improve my percentage.

Goal ARCs for 2019


I would like to get the first two ‘rows’ done. So:

  • 80% ratio badge – submit feedback for at least 80% of the titles for which they’re approved
  • Top Reviewer badge – 3+ reviews have been chosen by publishers to be featured on a book’s Title Details page
  • Auto-Approvals badge – have been auto-approved by four or more publishers on NetGalley
  • 10+ Reviews – have posted ten or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 25+ Reviews – have posted 25 or more reviews on NetGalley

Since I’m already at 18 for this year I’m also aiming for some of the third row but that is more of an optional goal.

  • 50+ Reviews – have posted 50 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 100+ Reviews – have posted 100 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 200+ Reviews – have posted 200 or more reviews on NetGalley


Now on to Edelweiss. I currently have 30 ARCs for Edelweiss which is really good considering I only joined in the past couple of months. (Thank you Edelweiss for being so generous). My goal here is to get to 100% rating.


Now on to the pie chart. I thankfully found a pie chart maker. Let’s see how it will copy.



As you can see I own 100 ARCS right now.

I’ve read 20 this year.

I currently have 65 from Netgalley and 30 from Edelweiss and 5 from other arc sites.

I think that’s all I need to add. I will update again if anyone has any suggestions.


Oh, wait recs of ARC’s I read!

For 2019 I recommend the quiet and the-cerulean





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